stand safe and healthy


Rubber flooring for standing, walking and turning

 Querschnitt Combi Matte

Isolierende Matte nässegeeignete Gummimatte anti-ermüdend rutschhemmende Matte Matte für Drehbewegung


Assembly lines, packaging, storage rooms, workstations with cold floors, etc.

Technical specifications:    

Material natural rubber
Surface flexible bubble structure
Bottom hollow bubbles
Features slip-proof, skid resistant, hydrolysis resistant, CFC and H-CFC free, foot-massaging, shock-absorbing, conditionally oil-resistant
Colour black
Dimensions ca. 60.5 x 91.0 cm, incl. bevelled edge, other dimensions available
Thickness ca. 14 mm
Weight ca. 5.6 kg
Bleeder resistor 1012
Warranty 2 years on meterial and workmanship when used correctly, fair wear and tear excluded