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The strong all-rounder Ergonomical nitrile workstation mat for lathing-, boring- and milling machines


rubber mat for CNC-lathe, boring and milling machines, cleaning plants, etc.

  • Extremly robust workplace mat
  • for rough industrial use
  • ideal mat for multi-shift workstations
  • in dry or wet areas
  • The hollow knobs are combined with drainage channels to drain fluids away
  • KOMO Comfort Sg with circumferential yellow signal edge

Comfort S rubber mat   comfort ssg  cross section Comfort S

insulating   oil resistant   suited for wetness   anti fatigue   slip proof   turning movement   heat resistant

KOMO - Made in Germany          igr ergonomisches produkt

Technical specifications: 

Material Nitrile rubber (NBR)
Surface flat bubbles
Bottom hollow flat bubbles with drainage channels
Features slip-proof, skid-resistant, insulating ageins coldness, foot-massaging, supporting blood circulation, mostly resistant to chemicals, oil and cooling lubricants, easy to clean, enormously low abraison, very durable
Colour Comfort S: black
Comfort Sg: black with circumferential yellow signal edge
Dimensions ca. 60 x 90 cm plus 2.5 cm of bevelled edge each, other dimensions available
Thickness ca. 14 mm
Weight ca. 5.0 kg
Bleeder resistor 109 Ω antistatisch/low charge
Warranty 5 years on material and workmanship when used correctly, fair wear and tear excluded.