stand safe and healthy


The comfortable protection for your back and legs. For dry and wet areas.


Polyurethane mats for assembly lines, workbenches, sorting plants and machines, sales counters, etc.

  • for comfortable standing workers
  • slip-proof bubble structure
  • high skid-resistance due to wavy line structure on the bottom
  • extraordinary flexibility

SOFT FLEX    KOMO SOFT FLEX   cross section view SOFT FLEX

insulating  suited for wetness  anti fatigue  slip proof  / only SOFT FLEX aF  fire retardant


KOMO - Made in Germany     igr ergonomisches produkt

Technical specifications:

Material Polyurethane, highly flexible
Surface bubbles
Bottom rills profile, slip-proof
Features slip-proof, skid-resistant R10, hydrolysis resistant, CFC- and H-CFC-free, foot massaging, supporting blood circulation, insulating against coldness, shock-absorbing, mostly chemical-, base- and leach resistant
Colour graphite grey
Dimensions ca. 60 x 90 cm plus 2 cm of bevelled edge each, other dimensions available
Thickness ca. 14 mm
Weight ca. 2.2 kg
Warranty 3 years on material and workmanship when used correctly, fair wear and tear excluded
Models SOFT FLEX a  109 Ω Standard antistatic/low charge
SOFT FLEX aF  109 Ω antistatic/low charge, fire resistant B1