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Ergonomical nitrile workstation mat for rough industrial usage. flat knobs/ discs on the surface and robust construction underneath provide comfort and durability.

  • universal, very durable workplace mat for rough industrial usage
  • Ideal mat for multi-shift workstations in dry or wet areas
  • Hollow knob construction provides ergonomics and comfortable standing, also stimulates blood circulation in legs and feet.
  • improved steadiness, slip-proof and skid-resistant
  • good damping and cold insulation
  • drivable* with light pallet trucks and supply vehicles thanks to flat knobs on the surface and stable bars on the bottom
  • ideal for workers performing a lot of turning movement


* after consultation


Querschnitt Protect 2  Querschnitt Protect 2  Querschnitt Protect 2

befahrbar isolierend hitzebeständig wasserbeständig anti-ermüdend rutschhemmend für Drehbewegungen

 mig siegel schwarz 4c net  igr ergonomisches produkt


CNC lathing-, boring- and milling machines, cleaning stations, welding workstations,
workstations with appearance of cooling lubricant, cutting and lubricating oil, etc.

Technical specifications:

material Nitrile rubber (NBR)
surface flat knobs / discs
bottom hollow construction and stable bars on the bottom
features slip-proof, skid-resistant, insulating against coldness,resistant to chemicals, oil and cooling lubricants, drivable, easy to clean, enormously low abrasion, very durable
colour black
dimensions ca. 60 x 90 cm plus 2.5 cm of bevelled edge each, other dimensions available
height ca. 12 mm
weight ca. 6,1 kg
models a  (M870) 109 Ω antistatic/low charge
S  (M865)1010 Ω standard
A  (M872) 107 Ω ESD, conductive
warranty 5 years on material and workmanship when used correctly, fair wear and tear excluded.