KOMO Wet de Luxe

Ring mat for dry and wet areas

  • Ringmat for workers standing-, walking and turning
  • Continiously big perforation
  • for areas with high amounts of liquids
  • oil and grease resistant, conditionally suitable for cooling lubricant areas

KOMO Wet de Luxe ring mat


Ring mat for CNC lathing and metal cutting industry, industrial areas with much fluid, food industry, gastronomy, etc.

KOMO Wet de Luxe ring mat

Technical specifications: oil resistant drainage suited for wetness slip resistant turning

Material nitrile rubber
Surface perforated surface
Bottom drainage
Features slip-proof, skid-resistant, hydrolysis resistant, oil- and grease resistant
Colour red
Dimensions ca. 151.5 x 91.0 cm, incl. 3.5 cm of bevelled edge each, other dimensions available
Thickness ca. 14 mm
Weight ca. 10.3 kg
Bleeder resistor 1012
Warranty 2 years on material and workmanship when used correctly, fair wear and tear excluded.

profile KOMO Wet de Luxe ring mat

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