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Bevelled Edge
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KOMO worksstation mats:

anti-fatigue and foot-massaging

    • „„are ergonomically designed and obviate disease
    • „„are available in different materials, profiles and density
    • „have a shock absorbing effect on the locomotor system due to highest flexible material and quick reset values
    • „constant leg massage – supporting blood circulation - antifatigue
    • „„are skid resistant and slip-proof
    • „„isolation against coldness, vibrations and noise
    • „„available as different models
      • for jobs where you are standing, walking and turning
      • Polyurethane or rubber mats
      • Antistatic, fire retardant or ESD
      • for dry and wet workplaces
      • resistant against chemicals, oil and cooling lubricants
      • highly resilient, partially driveable by vehicle
    • „„easy cleansing
    • „„robust and longlife due to special production technique
    • „„vinyl-free

KOMO workplace mats can be assembled in almost any size and are so suitable for the conditions of your workstation.

Safe and secure standing on KOMO workplace mats.



Polyurethane mats (PUR):

KOMO Polyurethane mats offer the highest amount of comfor, flexibility and durability. They are manufactured from Polyurethane which has been especially developed by KOMO. The KOMO outer skon is thick and highly compressed so the mats are very low in abraison and very long life. The mats can also be laid out in humid or even wet areas.The material is unsusceptible against many chemicals, base and leach, conditionally acid- and oil resistant. Very insulating against coldness.

Qualität Made in Germany

Rubber mats:

KOMO rubber mats are available in many variations.

Synthetic rubber made out of Nitrile (NBR):
oil- and chemical resistand, long durability.

Mats with very low abraison.

Natural rubber (NR):
highly flexible, very tear-proof, low abraison.

Every type of rubber is produced out of a special mix depending on the area it's going to be used in.


ESD - Elektro Static Discharge:ESD test workstation mats

To guarantee reliability and quality of electric building panels, special measures of precaution are needed. Therefore KOMO produces the ergonomic work station mats in designs A or AF.The latter meet the demands of the standard DIN EN 61340-5-1 and are provided with an ESD badge. Bleeder 5 x 107 Ohm. The designs a and aF feature antistatic equipment. Bleeder 109 Ohm.




Depending on the use of the mat you can choose different surfaces:



Due to the wavy line structure and the hollow knobs with drainage channels, the mats are enormously slip-proof on slick and wet floors.
Standing safely does not only happen on the mats' surface. Very important is also the bonding with the floor. The rills and hollows provide additional soft and comfortable standing and working.

Hollow bubbles: very good standing and foot-massaging
Products: AIR, Comfort S, Comfort Sg, Comfort KL, Comfort H, ECO, Combi E+M, Combi Single

Drainage: for drainage of liquids and a dry and safe workstation
Products: Comfort S, Comfort Sg, Comfort H, Comfort KL, ECO, Wet Standard, Wet de Luxe

Rills: soft and comfortable standing



KOMO rubber and polyurethane flooring are easy to clean. Due to its own weight they do not need to be assembled on the floor. Cleaning of mat and floor facilitates by simple removal of the mat.


Bevelled Edge:

All KOMO Products have molded bevelled edges which eliminates tripping hazards and reduce risk of stumbling (workstation safety). It also makes the mats drivable.

Comfort Sg with additional yellow bevelled outside edge for more safety.


 Customized Colour

Colour your company! Motivate your employees with your company colours. Special colours are available from a quantity of 200 units. (Except Combi E+M, Single and Wet).


ESD - Electro Static Discharge DIMN EN 61340-5-1 ESD - Electro Static Discharge DIMN EN 61340-5-1
insulate against heat and coldness insulate against heat and coldness
drivable drivable
oil resistant oil resistant
Drainage drainage
 suited for wetness suited for wetness
fire retardant DIN B1-4102-14 fire retardant DIN B1-4102-14
anti-fatigue anti-fatigue
slip resistant slip resistant
turning turning
resists temeratures up to 120°C resists temeratures up to 120°C